When you choose to customize a SUSS product, you are choosing to give back and do good!
Every few months, SUSS will shine a light on an important cause that is dear to our hearts and support them by donating 100% of proceeds from all bead customizations and 50% of proceeds from all embroidery customizations.

❤️ DECEMBER - ??? ❤️

WORLD HARVEST FOOD BANK - LOS ANGELES  @worldharvestcharities
Their mission: “Provide food, basic staples and living essentials to people who are at risk of hunger and to the needy. Glen Curado founded Los Angeles World Harvest Food Bank in 2007 with a desire to help feed the hungry and play a role in the effort to decrease food waste in America. Today, Los Angeles World Harvest Food Bank provides nutritious, mainly organic, food items to more than 500,000 individuals and 75,000 families each year. Nearly 40% of the people served by the Los Angeles World Harvest Food Bank network are children, another 8.1% are elderly, and 31.8% of the families are working but struggling.” - World Harvest LA
The World Harvest Food Bank is directly helping people in our city, especially during this stressful and uncertain time. People who never saw unemployment in their future are suddenly struggling to feed their families. For a small donation of $40, World Harvest provides families one grocery basket full of food items each time they visit. We also love that 75% of their staff are women!


BEAUTY 2 THE STREETS  @beauty2thestreetz
Recognizing that the lack of a home does not mean a lack of humanity, Beauty 2 The Streetz aims to serve the homeless by providing necessities alongside the things that make us feel inherently human: a hot shower, a hearty meal, the hope-inducing feeling of looking in the mirror and loving what you see. We are building friendships based on equality and compassion and it is this, more than simply the hair and makeup, that brings beauty to the streets.
"Ms. Shirley Raines is my hero. I cannot think of her without getting a lump in my throat while also feeling my heart soar when I think about all she does for fellow Angelenos. Her team feeds Skid Row's unhoused community every Sat while also providing beauty products, services and other amenities. During the beginning of the pandemic, when this community was struggling harder than most, she found a way to adapt her mission and persevere. She is a constant reminder to me of the resilience of the human spirit and why compassion can't wait. She is an unflappable beacon of light. In these uncertain and unsettling times, I am reminded that the very basic of human needs are often taken for granted, and that we must all take care of each other. Please support, if you can." 

THE LOVE LAND FOUNDATION @thelovelandfoundation
The Loveland Foundation was started in 2018 by Rachel Cargle as a birthday wish fundraiser, Therapy for Black Women and Girls, providing access to healing that will impact generations.  The foundation strives to bring opportunity and healing to communities of color, especially to black women and girls. Through their numerous programs, they ultimately hope to contribute to both the empowerment and the liberation of the communities they serve.

"I have overcome many personal emotional obstacles in my life and was grateful that I was financially able to afford help myself in the form of different therapies, even just having a professional to reach out to that understood my culture and path. As a woman of color, knowing that I could help someone who may not have access to even the information of those options and that it could be a turning point in their lives of possible life or death during these shaky times brings me immense peace."